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Other Spirituality Links

  • 3 Free Gifts For Inner Peace: These 3 complimentary gifts will support you in experiencing a deeper sense of inner peace, joy, and happiness in your life - no matter what is going on.
  • Higher Music: Higher Music is music with purpose. Incorporating sophisticated brainwave entrainment technologies into the artistic process, Higher Music is anchored in the intention of facilitating personal growth and development.
  • Change The World: Everybody can help change the world, even you. Every little bit counts - find out how!
  • Spiritual Media Blog: Online reviews of spiritual media, including books, movies, TV shows, programs, as well as featured audio interviews with best-selling authors.
  • Inspiratinal Poems: These inspirational poems are guaranteed to touch your soul - includes poems from Oriah Mountain Dreamer or Mother Teresa.
  • Parables of Life: An awakening journey... (free full-length ebook)
  • Personal Growth from SelfGrowth.com: SelfGrowth.com is the most complete guide to information about Self -Improvement, Personal Growth and Self Help on the Internet. It is designed to be an organized directory, with articles and references to thousands of other Web Sites on the World Wide Web.
  • RealityShifters: Find out how to create your best life as you discover how your thoughts and feelings literally change the world. Subscribe to the free monthly RealityShifters News ezine that's packed with inspirational ideas for conscious creators.
  • LightShadows: Accurate Life Readings, free metaphysical teachings, animal totems, readers question-answer forum, prophecy, articles, techniques and products for soul growth.
  • Diane Brandon - Integrative Intuitive and Spiritual Counseling: Diane Brandon helps others make positive changes in their lives through her positive and gentle facilitation and insight. She offers Integrative Intuitive Counseling, Dream Interpretation, Healing Meditations, Past Life Regression, and more!
  • Dance with Your Heart! Inspirational and Fantasy Books and Poems by Child Prodigy Shirley Cheng: Be empowered, inspired, and motivated through the inspirational writings, radio interviews, and life story of miracle survivor Shirley Cheng, a blind and physically disabled award-winning author, motivational speaker, self-empowerment expert, poet, author and contributing author of seventeen books by age twenty-four. Despite her multiple physical disabilities, she's living the life she loves and she empowers others to do the same. Subscribe to her monthly newsletter, Inspiration from a Blind, to receive words of inspiration, news and updates on her books.
  • Wisdom Magazine: Wisdom of the Heavens, Earth, Body, Mind and Soul is dedicated to building awareness through monthly explorations of the many alternatives and the wide variety of holistic, metaphysical, spiritual, philosophical, health and healing perspectives and choices available to the Open Mind
  • Eckhart Tolle Teachings: This website is devoted to the spiritual teachings of Eckhart Tolle.
  • BetterDaysTV.net: Free Self Help and Success Internet T.V. Channel for success and self help entrepreneurship leadership personal devlopment business development
  • Life Purpose Readings: A Life Purpose Reading by Rev. Sue Annabrooke Jones, a caring, spiritually focused psychic, reveals which lessons you are here to learn, which abilities you are here to acquire or express, and more.
  • Our Inner Source: Inspire others by submitting an article. Win recognition for you or your website. Be a part of something bigger than yourself with Our Inner Source.
  • A Zen Gift: A tranquil online store offering unique products for the home. Our Magical Fireflies are featured on ...a zen gift. Come visit us to see for yourself.
  • SelfGrowth.com: A massive online resource for just about anything and everything related to self growth. Lots of free newsletters, an experts directory, etc.